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Shoulder Pain Treatment

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that’s connected to the body through muscle. So the underlying causes of shoulder pain most frequently have to do with either the joint itself, or the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the joint. Because of the range of motion required for effective play, football players, baseball and softball players, and swimmers tend to get shoulder pain at some point in their athletic careers. Pierce Chiropractic can help athletes maintain or enhance their range of motion, so they can perform at their best.

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What does shoulder pain mean?

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are so many sports that use a ball. Whether it’s being thrown, bumped, hit or caught, our arms are doing work and our shoulders are taking the brunt of it. Sports like baseball, softball, volleyball, football, tennis, and swimming can cause athletes to overexert their shoulders, resulting in shoulder pain.

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Overextending body by pushing or pulling in a strange way

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Overhand sports (any sport where you throw a ball)

How we help

Alleviating Shoulder Pain

Specific Adjustments

By adjusting your shoulder and releasing certain tissues back into proper alignment, your chiropractor can alleviate shoulder pain quickly.

Stretches & Exercises

The doctors at Pierce Chiropractic can show you specific stretches and exercises that will keep your shoulders loose, so you can play your best.

How can adjustments and lifestyle changes help?

Benefits of Chiropractics

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Relieve Pain

Manual or gentle adjustments can put your shoulders and body back into alignment, relieving discomfort and shoulder pain

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Stretch Muscles

Properly stretching the shoulder muscles could be all you need to eliminate pain and enhance performance.

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Enhance Performance

You can’t do your best when you’re in pain. Relieve shoulder pain and get back to your favorite sports and activities.