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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

When people hear the phrase “carpal tunnel,” they often think of the pain, numbness, or tingling that occurs when a major nerve (the median nerve) of the hand is squeezed or compressed. However, the carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway in the wrist that protects this nerve and the flexor tendons that bend the fingers and thumb. Carpel tunnel syndrome occurs when the tissues of the carpel tunnel swell, putting pressure on the median nerve.

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How do you get Carpal Tunnel?

Common Causes of Carpal Tunnel

The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome are from our regular daily activities. Activities can be so regular and repetitive that it causes inflammation and swelling in overused parts of the body.

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Typing for long periods

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Carrying heavy trays (servers and waitstaff)

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Grasping type of work (farming, picking plants or produce, etc.)

 How we help

Alleviating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Manual or gentle adjustments can help align the bones in the wrist and hand and reduce the swelling associated with carpel tunnel syndrome.

Stretches & Exercises

Simple stretches and exercises for the lower muscles of the forearm can go a long way in alleviating pain.

Splints or Braces

Wrist splints and braces help reduce pressure on the median nerve by keeping the wrist straight.

How can adjustments and lifestyle changes help?

Benefits of Chiropractic

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Relieve Discomfort

Exercises, adjustments or splints can help relieve discomfort so you can get back to your life, job, and favorite activities.

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Reduce Pressure & Swelling

Proper stretching and exercises can alleviate the pressure and pain that causes carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Enhance Quality of Life

Forming good habits, and taking necessary breaks can have a huge impact on your symptoms and your every day life.