Looking for a Chiropractic Membership Plan in Santa Maria?

Today’s society is plagued by three major “killers” — heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Countless studies have been published to help those affected correct their disease once they are diagnosed. But wouldn’t it be better if we could find out if we could prevent these diseases BEFORE it strikes? 

When was the last time you had an opportunity to objectively look at your overall health? If you could make small lifestyle changes that could extend your life, career, and/or athletic ability, would you do so? If you had a “report card” of what was happening inside your body and where the future path of your life was headed, would you make changes? 

The Vista Program allows you to do exactly that!

What is it?

The Vista Program

Vista is a three-step program that assesses the five key areas of your health, and suitable for any person, regardless of your age or athletic ability!

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Vista Score

Take accurate measurement of your overall health with the Vista Score™ by measuring up to 80 different biomarkers that will identify your current health.

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face to face

Meet with a doctor, discuss your current state of health and have a comprehensive discussion.

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action plan

Create a health plan that will give you the ability to thrive, not merely survive. Set goals and directives to properly manage your diet, exercise, spinal health, and emotional health.

Three Easy Steps

What to Expect From our vista Membership Plan

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Step One: The Vista Score

Using up to 80 different biomarkers, the Vista score will calculate and give you a ‘report card’ of your current health. The report measures your neuro spinal health, functional fitness health, and your general health. In today’s society of being overworked, stressed out, and having limited time to exercise, we are seeing a spike in chronic disease and illness at epidemic levels. Once you know your Vista Score, you will know where you need to invest your time and energy most to improve your health.

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Step Two: The Face to Face

After completing your Vista Score, you meet face to face with a doctor to discuss your results. These in-depth and comprehensive meetings will look at all aspects of your current and future health. We will address any current complaints or pain that you may be in, and also will create a picture of your future health.

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Step Three: The Decision

Your doctor will give recommendations for chiropractic care, exercise protocols, nutrition & supplementation, and serve as your guide to help you make positive changes moving forward in your healthcare.

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What’s included?

Benefits of the Vista Plan

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Two chiropractic visits per month PLUS any additional care that your doctor recommends.

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Yearly Vista Health Plan updates: We take the time to not only look at your spine but your overall health. We assess diet, lifestyle behaviors, environment, and genetic expression through our comprehensive wellness exam.

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Next-day appointments guaranteed for emergencies.

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Unlimited messaging and email access to your doctor with guaranteed 24-hour response time.

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Free access to our monthly health talks and courses

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Discounts to our other local health-related businesses partners

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A private Facebook page just for members, where you can connect with your doctor, receive health tips and attend our interactive live Q&As.

 Invest in your health

Vista Plan Options

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$97 per month
(New Patients: $197 for the first month)

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$147 per month
(Parents and children up to age 18)
(New Patients: $247 for the first month)