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Shin Splints Treatment

When we put stress on our shins, as we do during running or exercise, the connective tissues that attach our leg muscles to our tibia can get inflamed. This inflammation is caused by tiny fractures in the muscles, tendons and bones of the shin. This pain is called “shin splints,” and although it usually goes away within a few days, it’s important to monitor to ensure that it doesn’t progress into a stress fracture.

Dr. Beau checking a patient's shins

How do shin splints happen?

Common Causes of Shin Splints

Mild grades of an ACL injury will mean that the ligament has been stretched, but still offers stability for the knee. The ACL can stretch and become loose, which is known as a partial tear. A full tear of the ligament is the most severe state and will require surgery to repair. In any instance, ACL injuries happen in largely the same ways.

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Shifting to more intense, more frequent, or longer workouts or runs

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Working out or running without proper stretching

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Flat feet or inadequate footwear

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Poor posture

How we help

Alleviating Shin Splint Pain

Gait & Foot Check

Your chiropractor can check your feet and gait for flat-footedness or imbalance when during running and walking.

Extremity Adjustments

Adjustments can align the legs and body to help a patient whose shin splints are caused by gait, posture or foot issues.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio taping methods can reduce pain by relaxing muscles and relieving pressure in the shins.

How can adjustments and support methods help?

Benefits of Chiropractic

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Reduce Pain

By reducing the inflammation, your chiropractor can help reduce your pain and give your body space to heal.

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Enhance Performance

When you see how your technique can be improved, you can begin to enhance your performance in your favorite activities.

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Enhance Quality of Life

Aligning the body not only improves your walk, run and athletic performance, it enhances your every day.