Santa Maria Chiropractor Goes to Costco… Plus 29 Organic Foods You Should Buy On Your Next Costco Experience

Dr. Beau Pierce

Who here likes to shop at Costco here in Santa Maria?  I sure do! When the new Costco opened here on the central coast I had to grab my video camera and take you along for my weekly shopping trip.

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Screenshot of Youtube about Dr.Beau's suggestions of things to get at Costco

In this video not only do I show you all the things I love about Costco ( besides the free snacks), but we also discuss the healthiest foods that Costco is now carrying. In the video I show you how to spot an organic tag, which fish you should buy and my wife’s favorite bottle of wine. If you want to buy organic ( and you should) here is a list of organic foods that I spotted while on my ’roundtrip’ journey which shopping.

Organic Meat & Dairy

1. Whole Chickens
2. Chickens Breasts
3. Chicken Thigh Meat
4. Ground Beef
5. Eggs
6. Milk
7. Butter (also pastured)

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

8. Frozen Green Beans
9. Frozen Corn
10. Frozen Peas
11. Fresh Green Beans (in season)
12. Spinach
13. Kale
14. Apples
15. Frozen Berries

Organic Grains & Cooking Supplies

17. Quinoa
18. Pasta
19. Sugar
20. Olive Oil
21. Coconut Oil
22. Bread
23. Granola
24. Brown Rice

Organic Snacks

25. Raisins
26. Tortilla Chips
27. Salsa
28. Apple Juice
29. Animal cookies

What other organic foods do you buy at Costco?

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How about you? What do you like to get on your Costco trips? Anything your favorite? Let us know next time you are in the office.

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