Santa Maria Chiropractor Fixes Sciatica Faster Than Surgery

Dr. Beau Pierce

Few injuries can slow you down faster than a bad back. Irritated or compressed nerves in your low back can cause severe pain into your buttocks and legs. This type of pain results in tens of millions of people searching Dr. Google to find relief. And with television commercials promoting all sorts of ab rollers, electrical simulators, and other magic gizmos it can be challenging to sort the fact from fiction. So here is a look at the latest research to help you find the most proven, evidence-based, smart healthcare solutions for sciatica.

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Diagram showing off the sciatic nerve which is located by the back and down the leg

Why it Matters: Top research publications such as SPINE and the European Spine Journal have examined all types of care to find the most safe and effective options for people suffering from sciatica. What they have found may surprise you.

  • Patients considered surgical candidates improved with chiropractic care to the same degree as if they had surgery!
  • Many people receive medications and injections for back pain with little to no evidence to support their use!
  • Research shows over 89% of patients with sciatica find relief with chiropractic care

Next Steps: As you can see, many of the most respected research journals in the world support chiropractic as a safe and effective way to find relief. Years ago, many people suffered through unnecessary and dangerous surgeries trying to fix their back problem. Now we know that medications, injections, and surgery should only be offered as a last resort. The research continues to support chiropractic care as your best option for pain relief and getting your life back.

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