How to Create a Birth Plan Without Upsetting Your Mother in Law

Dr. Beau Pierce

One of the best feelings in the world is having a patient excitedly tell you they are expecting. This moment is best sweetened if the couple has been trying for a while, or thought they may have trouble conceiving. Chiropractors tend to find out pretty early, often times before friends and family know. This means that we see the apprehension or the worry before the natural support team surrounding a couple has a chance to step in. Hands down, the most common question we get asked is, “What can I do to make sure my birth is as simple and healthy as possible?” Despite all of the worries that surround pregnancy, this is by far one of the best places to start.

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The answer is ambiguous, but it’s truly the universally correct answer: What makes you feel most comfortable is the simplest and healthiest approach. If you feel most comfortable in a hospital setting with constant monitoring, that will be the most relaxing place for you to be. If you feel most comfortable in a birthing tub with relaxing music, that is the best place for you to be. If you feel most comfortable at home in your own bed, that is the best place for you to be. A laboring mother in her safest environment, is where she will be most successful in her birthing goals. In business planning, entrepreneurs are often told to visualize the end result, and work backwards. In my mind birth is no different.

Santa Maria’s birth culture is pulsing with life right now. There are organizations like Central Coast Childbirth Connection, Birthfit, Pacific Midwifery, Pure birth Midwifery, La Leche League, Bradley Method Birth Classes, countless well trained doulas, and regularly scheduled birth classes offered through Marion Hospital. My role is to help mamas conceive and carry baby comfortably and safely until their birthday. The resources are here in abundance, and I want to put them on display for the greater community to see.

My goal in this work is to have moms birth and deliver their babies understanding the magnitude of their strength. The best way to accomplish this is to give moms the tools they need to be successful. Their tool boxes may not all look the same, but with information, community resources like our office, and the pillars of birth empowerment in our bustling little town, those that stand to benefit the most are the precious babes waiting to join us earth side.

This Thursday at 6pm I’ll be discussing in depth, the benefits of assembling a birth team that works for you, tools to visualize that end goal, and finally, a cheat sheet for dads on communication, how to get involved, and finding the role that is best for your family as you make room for your new little one.

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