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Dr. Beau Pierce

The #1 Pillow to help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep all night long.

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Dr. Beau Pierce

What is the best pillow or what pillow do you recommend that will help me sleep deeper, longer and wake up, feeling more refreshed & the answer really is, it depends on a few things. Number one on what is your sleeping style? And number two, what is your sleeping position. Now, before we get started with anything, here's what you need to know. As a chiropractor my big goal for you is to maintain something known as neutral spine. Matter of fact, if you were going to lay on your side, we would like to be able to put a dot and circle on the top of your head and a dot and circle at the bottom of your spine and draw a straight line without any dips or waves in the bed. Now, two things affect your sleep. Number one, how soft or firm is your bed?

And number two, how soft or firm is your pillow? Now here's the big thing. When we talk about pillows, the number one reason that people come into my office with neck pain is because their pillow is either way too thick or way too thin. Now, if you are a person who primarily sleeps face down, meaning you wake up with your head, face down or crane to one side, I would suggest that you find the fittest that's right. The thinnest pillow possible reason being is if you're sleeping face down or to the side, and it's a thick pillow, your head will actually become compressed. And you wake up with your head jammed in an awkward position. And typically those patients will tell me, Beau, I have the worst headache and it starts at the base of my school and goes up and over into my eyes.

Now, if you aren't a side sleeper, meaning you sleep primarily on your side or on your back. Then I am a big fan of a type of pillow called a ChiroFlow pillow. Matter of fact, this pillow right here is the one that I recommend and I sleep with. I'll be honest with you. It's the only pillow that I recommend for back sleepers and side sleepers. And here's the reason why this pillow is 50% normal pillow and 50% water bladder. Now, many of you guys are probably from the ages where they had a water beds, where you used to fill these huge almost tub, like things with water, and it helped to create neutrality in the bed as you slept. Well, they use that same technology and moved it over into a pillow situation. So what you'll notice on this pillow is the back of the pillow.

ChiroFlow Pillow
ChiroFlow Pillow

Here is a normal pillow, but it has a water bladder that's built into the bottom half. Meaning this, you start by adding a liter of water and you actually have this thing that screws in there, and then you lay on it and you can determine if you're, he is at neutral or neutral line. Like we spoke about, if you don't have enough water, you add some in, you need to take some out, you simply take some out and you screw it in. And the level is set like that basically forever, or until you die change the water will we typically see as for our side sleepers, when they come into the practice, they say, Bo, I fell asleep and the pillow compressed down. And I felt like my neck got scrunched up a little bit here, and I have lower neck pain. And I can't turn my head because I woke up with everything being so jammed up, which is different than our face down sleepers, who complain about pain in the back of the head.

So if you're a side sleeper and you're laying on your side, these people typically plea complaint of lateral or outside neck pain. The best thing to do is to replace your pillow with a firmer surface. So if you guys want my recommendation, this is called a Chiro flow pillow. We carry in my office, we'll put a link below, check it out. The only inconvenience is that once you fill this thing up with some water, the pillow tends to get a little bit heavy. So you have to be careful when you're changing your sheets and making your bed at night. If you guys have any questions about best positions asleep in, or the better ways to help you sleep longer, please ask below as always, we're here for you. Talk to you later.

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