Instant Headache Relief That You Can Do At Home

Dr. Beau Pierce

Are you struggling to move forward in your day because of that pesky headache? We highly recommend watching this video or reading the blog post below to see how you can get instant headache relief with a few simple steps.

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How many of you guys are suffering right now from a headache?

Let me guess.

You've been sitting on your computer all day. Maybe you've been teaching zoom, maybe even watching your kids do zoom.

Now you've got this headache that starts right at the back of your skull here and goes all the way around in front of your eyes.

Well, guys, today, I'm going to teach you how to get rid of it, just like that.

So what is the most common cause of what we call a tension headache. Let's talk about it and then let me teach you how to take care of it.

So I have my handy dandy little spine here. And what I want to do is turn you to the backside of your skull. So this is a person's school looking this way, and I want us to pay attention to the muscles right here at the backside of the head.

There is a muscle that you can see right here called your Rects Capitis posterior minor.

Now you don' t have to be a doctor to remember that. But here's what I want you to know. When you are looking up and down from your computer all day, or from your iPhone all day, these muscles become tight. And as you can tell, there are nerves that exit out of the sides of the spine that go up and over and feed into your brain, into your head.

When these nerves become compressed and these muscles begin to tighten down, you start to experience a headache, especially the headache that goes up and over. Where all you want to do is literally sit and put your hands underneath your eyes and push up in the front of your forehead.

So here's what you need to do about it.

First, you can take a ball like a tennis ball, lay flat on the ground and put the ball back here and roll up and down.

Second thing that you can do is you can tell,Take that ball and place it at the base of your skull and massage it up and down this way as well.

And thirdly, you can take your thumbs, put them at the back of your skull and lift straight up.

As you bring your head down to help decompress the back portion of your spine. If you can get those muscles to relax, chances are you can get your headache to go away.

Now, of course, as a chiropractor, I believe it's super essential that you have your spine in alignment and to be checked by a chiropractor. But when you're in a pinch and your headaches hurting, I've been there.

Work on these muscles and see if you can't get them to loosen up and ultimately get rid of your headache.

All right, guys, if you have questions, let me know, talk to you soon.

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