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Sports Chiropractic

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Functional Rehab

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Who is Doctor Beau?

About Dr. Beau Pierce

Dr. Beau has been practicing in Santa Maria since his graduation from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2009. While in chiropractic college, he was an honors student, founded the school's first-ever triathlon team (competing at the Division 1 level), completed an Ironman event, and was named the president of the school campus guides. He was heavily involved with and served on the school's sports medicine team, traveling to many collegiate and professional sporting events.

In practice, Dr. Beau specializes in using the latest tools and techniques to ensure your body is functioning at the highest level. He has been trained in the following chiropractic techniques:

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Palmer Package

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Extremity Adjusting

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Drop Table

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SOT Technique

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He also offers the following physical therapy treatments:

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Manual Muscle Release Therapy

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Kinesiotape-Certified RockDoc

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Functional Rehabilitation Exercises

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Nutritional Assessment

"As a former professional athlete, I know the demand, both physically and mentally, that is needed to compete at the highest level. "

Prior to entering chiropractic college, Dr. Beau graduated from San Jose State (SJSU) in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. In addition to his pre-medical studies, Dr. Beau was a full-scholarship athlete playing quarterback on the SJSU football team (Go Spartans!).

While at SJSU, Dr. Beau met his wife, Shawna, in a physiology class. Her accolades as a national champion collegiate cheerleader led them both down the path to becoming highly-sought functional rehab specialists and personal trainers.

In 2010, Dr. Beau and Shawna married and, soon after, welcomed their first of two children, Bryce (age 10) and Ashlyn (age 7) .